The Sustainability Project



Randy Yue -  President

  • Major: Business Administration

  • Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA

  • Interests: Music & comedy

  • Work experiences: Lockton Insurance Brokers, Aflac

""Sustainability is responsibility. No matter where you are in business, you can find ways to lesson your impact on the environment."


Eugene Chin - Chief Finance Officer

  • Major: Business Administration

  • Hometown: Hong Kong

  • Interests: technology, badminton, snowboarding

  • Work experiences: Jones Lang LaSalle, Oriente HK, Upper Point


Yasamin Seyedsalehi - Director of Fundraising

  • Major: Business Administration

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

  • Interests: Boxing, snowboarding, skydiving, and sprinting

  • Work experiences: Gursey Schneider

"Sustainability is being responsible to our beautiful planet and each other’s lives on it. We need to protect the planet for the next generations, so let’s act ethically and spread the word!!"


Maria Garcia Pimentel - Chief Operating Officer

  • Major: Business Administration

  • Hometown: Pasadena, CA

  • Interests: Biking, hiking, and playing with her dog

  • Work Experience: Plaza Verdugo Medical Center

"Sustainability is a social responsibility that brings consciousness and empathy to the standard of living of future generations."


Roopal Kondepudi - Director of Project Management

  • Major: Computer Engineering and Computer Science

  • Hometown(s): San Jose, CA; Bangalore, India; and Singapore

  • Interests: Water conservation, entrepreneurship, petting animals, and eating chocolate

  • Work Experience: Creator of FloraSG

"Sustainability to me is leaving something better than I found it. It means education, conservation, and collaboration between leaders and the public."



Vanessa Phan - Director of  External Affairs

  • Major: Economics

  • Hometown(s): San Fernando Valley, CA; Bangalore, India; and Singapore

  • Interests: Love listening to music, trying to new cuisines, watching philosophical thrillers

  • Work Experience: MXDWN--Entertainment News, Galen Print Lab

"Sustainability means protecting the scarce natural resources we have to ensure the longevity of all life on Earth."