The Sustainability Project



Roopal Kondepudi


  • Major: Computer Engineering and Computer Science

  • Hometown(s): San Jose, CA; Bangalore, India; and Singapore

"Sustainability to me is leaving something better than I found it. It means education, conservation, and collaboration between leaders and the public."


Kelly Chung

Vice president

  • Major: Business Admin, Environmental Studies (minor) 

  • Hometown: Singapore

“Sustainability is the necessary solution to many environmental, social injustice issues that are too often overlooked. its a matter that needs attention from people of all backgrounds.” 

Emily Bornstein.jpg

Emily Bornstein

Director of Communications

  • Major: Urban Studies and Planning

  • Hometown: Canton, MA

“Sustainability to me means realizing that we are lucky enough to be housed by this delicate planet, so we hold the responsibility as a species to protect it in return.” 

Sendi Charlotte Headshot.jpg

Charlotte Sendi

Director of Marketing

  • Major: Chemical Engineering

  • Hometown: Alexandria, VA

“Sustainability to me means taking care of and appreciating what was given to us. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and the future to leave our planet better than we found it.”

Robert Luo Picture.jpg

Robert Luo

Director of Project Management

  • Major: Business Administration

  • Hometown: Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

“Sustainability means inspiring people to reduce daily CO2 emission and use recyclable materials. Sustainability is protecting our environment with the consideration of implementing cost-effective technology.”